Shipping Information

Shipping will never exceed €200 per order

Delivery of your item/s can take up to 2 weeks from the purchase date.
This applies to items that are in our suppliers warehouses and ready to ship.

How our shipping rates are charged

The MAXIMUM shipping cost per order is €200
However, your can qualify for FREE SHIPPING, see below.

We have 3 shipping categories - LARGE | MEDIUM | SMALL products

Each category has different and separate shipping rules and charges, see further below for an example scenario.

LARGE : Coffee Tables | Dining Tables | Sofas - €200 
Buy 3 or more of any LARGE items to ship only LARGE items for free 
MEDIUM: Bar Stools | Benches | Carpets & Rugs | Chairs | Console Tables | Dining Chairs | Lanterns & Chandeliers - €200 
Buy 4 or more of any MEDIUM items to ship only MEDIUM items for free 
SMALL: Table Lamps = x 1 = €100 | x 2 = €200 | x 3 = €200 
Buy 4 or more of any SMALL items to ship only SMALL items for free 

An example (below) of shipping charges for a mix of items from different categories;

Cart contents;
1 x Coffee Table and 2 x Sofas (= x3 LARGE category items in total) this will qualify for free shipping.
but, If you buy only 1 Large item or only 2 x Large items, shipping will cost €200

If you add 1 x Medium product on top of the 3 Large products, this will add a charge of €200  (see MEDIUM above)
but, If you buy 4 x Medium products, this will qualify for free shipping. 

Add 1 x small product will incur a shipping charge of €100 (refer to SMALL above)
having 4 or more small products will qualify this category for free shipping

Shipping will never exceed €200 per order

Contact us now
Please feel free to contact us about any queries you may have regarding our shipping  costs.
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